Walk the line – Documenting the HSHAZ with Rachel Deakin

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Walk the line – Documenting the HSHAZ with Rachel Deakin

26.05.23 – 01.07.23

Open Fri/Sat 11am-4pm

From 2020 Navigator North have commissioned Middlesbrough based artist and photographer Rachel Deakin to document Middlesbrough High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) across cultural and community engagement work and to respond to the area through a recent photography commission focused on public spaces.

The works presented within the exhibition feature the town’s Historic Quarter buildings and public spaces within the specific HSHAZ area and capture it in the here and now.

Photographs include a selection of historic buildings, alternative views, abstracted compositions, colours and textures.

This exhibition invites the viewer to ‘walk’ the line of the HSHAZ, to look carefully, to notice something old and something new – be it an architectural detail on a listed building, a splash of colour from some spilled paint or a hidden corner.

Opening event Friday 26th May 2-6pm. Everyone welcome. Refreshments provided.

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